WAAM Solutions SA is a Swiss based investment and advisory company focusing on digital assets as well as tangible assets, with the aim of:

(1) protecting and growing wealth of our private and institutional clients

(2) bridging the gap between the physical and the digital financial world

As a result, WAAM Solutions SA is deeply specialised in:

  • Digital and crypto asset investments, structuring and advisory
  • Tangible asset investments
  • Equity value investing


Digitalization of the economy paves the way to greater self-determination and self-responsibility, bringing more transparency and lower costs for investors. Our goal is to provide clients access to investments in:

Tangible Assets: 

  • Direct and secure asset investments opportunities in
    1. Commodities, real-estate, collections
    2. Direct equity investment and lending
  • Strong and direct ownership in a world of eroding reputation in “trusted third party”
  • Asset booking outside of the banking system and directly owned

Digital Assets: 


  • Tokenization of fiat, precious metals, alternative assets, of security token offering (debt or equity)

Asset and Wealth Management

  • We source, analyse and invest in digital assets, blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies
  • We structure digital asset investments in SPV and funds
  • We management portfolios of digitalized or crypto assets with active and passive strategies
  • We have access to bankable and tokenized investment products covering a wide range of digital and crypto spaces


  • Rules and regulations for digital currencies and digital assets are already in place in some countries and spreading
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) will contribute to reduce inflated prices paid by people to trusted third parties
  • Banks are being among the first one to start losing their expensive status of trusted third party in several areas
  • Our US dollar debt based system has reached its limits and is right now being rethought


Our investments are made to cope with the emergence of a digitalized New Monetary Order, bringing to an end our actual US Dollar debt based financial system, where most of the money in circulation is debt created by commercial banks through lending*. As a result:

  • New way of investing and new assets are arising from digitalization, disrupting traditional financial industry
  • Tokenized assets represent a huge shift in the way assets are transacted and traded, how they are stored and their accessibility
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are under way
  • We are heading toward a cashless society
  • Bail-in laws are putting depository savings at risk

*BOE money-creation-in-the-modern-economy